Team packers and movers shifting service

Get best and Reliable packers and movers shifting service for home and office moving? With team packers and movers you not only save on shifting cost but also get the verified and licensed moving companies across india. We have registered more than 2700 relocation companies at more than 4500 location across country.

We at Team packers and movers had made it very simple to hire shifting service based on clients moving requirement be it Local Shifting, Long distance moving , Domestic and International relocation service from Single item moving to Full Home shifting services. So once you are on our site you are sure to find a company to honor your work in no time.

Our team had collected more than 10000 moving companies data and analyzed only best performing company and then listed them for customers on this site and also filtered them again based on the service and rating under head- Cheap , Best , Professional ,Most Viewed packers movers for easy booking based on budget and customers can save up to 30%.

Why the Choice is needed?

With a choice among the packaging company you get the best deal in comparison to any other directory or portal as customers can call directly to the number provided in the packers profile and call them and discuss your moving requirement with no middle men and no confusion during the shifting. With wide range on choice you can get to hire shifting service at your budget and also hire a moving services located at your closest proximity. So you get quickest service and save on your relocation cost. If you are tight on schedule and need a shifting service at the last minute you can check on listing site and check companies profile and hire service that suits you the best.

How can directory help in finding a right packing company?

Packers and movers directory or portals are very resourceful in offering a right moving companies to the clients looking to hire a professional for shifting job. Directory sources wide range of data about moving companies and put this information on site for seeker which helps them get the best moving quote and hire service for the job.


How reliable are packer & mover services?

We understand hiring professional and best moving companies is not easy and customers always find it difficult to evaluate their performances, we at team packers and movers bring more clarity and transparency to the performance checking process and for these reason customers can check the review and book a moving company with better rating company. Customers can evaluate performance based on rating and then book them. So, easy to find a professional moving services without checking multiple sites.

How would packers and movers help in moving?

Customers can relax; these companies perform the great job and commands a good reputation, these companies goes with a good training process and tune them in accordance with modern moving technique for shifting who are better skilled and fully equipped to offer better shifting experience.

As, they are already experienced at work we just make them better aware with polices and provide training to enhance their skill from time to time. The company will offer Packing of all your household items, securely load and unload them from truck and offer safest and quickest transport solution for timely delivery.

Services Offered by Packers and Movers

Free Estimate: Makes a big difference to your moving, we organize and support with nearest packing company to offer you’re a free no obligation moving estimate at your door step. You can directly reach the number provided in profile and call the moving company and organize a free survey. The marketing team would visit your home and evaluate your shifting requirement precisely and provide your moving offer for evaluation.

What it means to have a multiple estimate and benefit clients When you know how it cost you are better prepared to take decision regarding your shifting and book the service it meets your relocation budget, and by any chance if you find the quote on higher side and you can check with our other verified company and get another offer. It means with more choice for service our customers get to save easily about 30% on relocation cost.

What it means to have a multiple estimate and benefit clients

When you know how it cost you are better prepared to take decision regarding your shifting and book the service it meets your relocation budget, and by any chance if you find the quote on higher side and you can check with our other verified company and get another offer. It means with more choice for service our customers get to save easily about 30% on relocation cost.

Estimate Analysis:

Having received multiple estimate for shifting and then comparing becomes a complex task in understanding the estimate, we at team packers and movers help you analyze and evaluate the right proposal that best fits your shifting requirement and help you choose the right moving partner for the job so you do not have to spend extra money for shifting.

What is the need to analysis for shifting?

It is so very important to seek clarity to pick the right moving company and customers need a professional to help them read between the lines. Having received the multiple proposal for relocation it leads to more confusion and we avoid them completely as we have trained marketing team to help you pick the best and right mover without having to spend extra money and time on checking the companies background and their skills in executing the moving job.

Packaging Analysis:

Let’s agree no two moving are same, every moving requires different skills as there are different challenges, and so it can not be a paste job. Local moving is so very different from long distance relocation and likewise house shifting is also different from Office moving. During packing we put the best packaging process from picking up the right packaging material as per the item requirement. Packaging a television or any electronic items is so very different for packing a furniture or office goods. So we provide you with wide range of packaging material for shifting.

Packaging is the most important and critical aspect in relocation and as no two companies offer same packaging quality, so it becomes obvious to analysis the packaging parameters for safety, we at team packers movers have categories to select and book moving companies of your choice. This is only with best intention to offer better service at a right price.

Bubble pack:

Bubble sheet is plastic material with air filled blisters which provides extra cushioning for moving, they help to secure your fragile items like crockery, electronic items and furniture from damages. It is most flexible material and used by all moving company worldwide as easily available. It is very easy to use and can cover almost any kind of item. It is the most versatile material which fits for all kind of packaging solution.

Corrugated packing:

Corrugated sheet or flute board is a paper based packaging material used for furniture packing and electronic items; it helps in securing and protecting material from scratches and dents during transport. It can easily be folded in any shape and any size, this flexibility makes it among the most preferred choice for moving companies and it is easily available in any city.

Stretch wrap:

It is highly stretchable plastic film material which helps in holding packaging material till delivery. This helps in protecting the packaging material and also protects from mostiture.

Wooden crate Box:

Wooden crate are customized wooden box which help you in securing expensive electronic items or paintings. It is best advised to get wooden crate packing for long distance moving.

Moving Boxes:

Moving boxes are the most important for any moving company; these boxes are mostly made from paper based material and very economical. These moving boxes are used by shifting companies for packing all miscellaneous items like cloths, Utensils, Pots and pans etc. These boxes are easy to handle and fits in to small area in the truck. They are used for both local and long distance relocation and comes in various sizes.

Blanket packing:

Moving blankets are thick quilted cloth like packaging material and mostly used in inter city moving or short distance moving. These materials are very flexible and can cover and pack almost any kind of material and this flexibility makes it the most preferred choice for Relocation Company, it not only provides the best protection but recycle nature bring the packaging cost low and protect environment and reduce dependency on other packaging material.

Secure Transport:

Once all your items are loaded onto the truck then our skilled driver will take the shortest and safest route to deliver your goods on time and safely. Transportation is done using the suitable fleet size as most of the city areas are highly congested. It is very important to choose a right vehicle size depending on the pickup and drop location. Our listed companies have the wide range of fleet and closed containers to make your move smooth and hassle free.

For intra city moving the best vehicle is mini truck which can maneuver into the narrow lanes and easily reach the drop location without any hassle. Closed containers are also available for local and long distance transportation. For local transportation maximum time required time to shift 2 bed room house would be about 6 to 7 hours and long distance transportation average time cover 350 kilometer per day for dedicated transportation.

Best Handling during unloading:

One the truck arrives at the drop location our skilled staff will safely unload all the items and place them at the respective places to the customer entire satisfaction.

Proper Documentation:

Documentation is the most important aspect for long distance shifting; trained supervision will assist you with proper marking and labeling of all your household items for claim of bills and monitoring. Documents will be provided to clients after loading and include LR (Lorry Receipt) : Lorry receipt is the primary documents with details of consignor and consignee. This document is contractual agreement with moving date and pickup and drop address.

Packaging list : It is very important to list all home articles and these detailed inventory lists of goods are part of packaging list. All items are detailed out for easy checking of items during unloading at destination. Moving Invoice: This is agreed contract for the freightage agreed between service provider and service receiver. Amount for service is mentioned on the document which has to be adhered by both the parties of the contract.

Cash Receipt : Once the payment is received in part of full, the moving agency will provide you receipt for payment collected.

Packers and Movers Related Services:

Bike Shifting : Two wheeler or bike transport moving is the best reason why many customers come to our platform; all our members are skilled and professional pack your bike for shifting and offer door to door transportation. We offer best bike packaging service for all kind of two wheeler bike. We have among the cheapest bike moving companies available at all major cities and can deliver the bike to the remotest place in the country.

How much does it cost to shift a bike?

Bike shifting costs are dependent of factors like size of the bike, Packaging and delivery destination. Two wheeler moving is very highly demanded services and we support moving of scooty, Activa Honda , Yamaha fz bike and bullet on regular basis and move more than 3000+ bike transport every month.

The average cost for bike transportation would be Rs.3000 to Rs.8000 with packing and door to door bike transport service.

How do transport companies pack bike ?

Bike packing is dependent on the maker of the body as many new scooters are made of fibre body and need extra care. The moving company use plastic bubble packing and corrugated sheet for best protection and thermocole for complete body security and tail and head lamp for more extra protection.

What documents are required to transport bike ?

Generally any kind of bike transport service we request for following documents

  • Registration certificate of bike.
  • Bike Insurance
  • Owner photo Identification document

How can I send my bike from one location to another location ?

It easy just picks up your cities from our directory and chooses the nearest packers and movers company and arrange the pickup. Our expert professional team will come to your door step and do the packing and they transport it to your desired location.

Is NOC Mandatory for Bike Transportation ?

No, for bike transportation NOC (No objection Certificate) is not required but, to use your bike at other state it very important to have NOC.

Car Transport : With over 2500 car moving companies in our directory, we can organize pick and drop of car from every location. We transport car by carrier vehicle which is specially designed to transport car at a very affordable charges.

How safe is Car Carrier for transport ?

Car carrier or car trailer are specially designed vehicle for transporting car from one location to another. These vehicles can accommodate 5 medium size cars, once the car are moved into the trailer, there are lashing and perforated slots in the truck where tires are secured and restrict the movement of cars to avoid damage during motion.

What is safest and cheapest way to transport car ?

Car hauler or car trailer are by far the cheapest and safest way to ship a car. These car carrier can accommodate any size of car and can easily handle can type of automobile making it easy and convenient for car shipping service.

What is the cost of car transport ?

Car transport charges are dependent on size of the car and distance for moving, average cost for car transport should be Rs.14000 to Rs.35000 to all major cities.

Can we ship personal items in car ?

It is best advised to avoid personal items in car, as it adds to weight of the car and safety is compromised and also the risk of theft. However you can check with your car moving company and get the details before booking a car shipping service.

Household Storage: If you have no house to ready to take delivery our partners have storage space for you. We support household storage for long terms and short term storage service. All storage facility is well lit and well maintained for secured storage space. Storage services are available for home items and office items also.

All the storage facilities are well maintained and secured for long term warehousing, and storage facility is available worldwide. There are many well kept storage facilities ranging from 1000sq feet area to 1000000sq feet area supporting commercial warehousing services also. Most storage facilities are CCTV camera fitted with good pest control services.

Does Storage Company pack all the items ?

Yes, most storage companies provide packaging service, they come to your home pack all your household items and label them. After packing the items they would safely transport all your belongings to the storage area.

How do you charge for Storage ?

Storage are charged on the basis of space required for the warehousing, generally to store a 100 Cft material it would charged approx Rs.12 per cft area. That is about Rs.1200 per month will be charged for 100 cft materials.

House Shifting : With growing demand for reliable and best house shifting companies we at team packers and movers bring the professionally trained and skilled moving company to support your house shifting services at very affordable cost. Our panel members will support with end to end solution like no other company and also help customers save the cost on house shifting.

How to make home moving easier ?

Team packers and movers always ensure you have the safest and sweetest memories during relocation, our team of professionals will pack all your home items securely with latest and advanced packaging material and handle them carefully during transportation.

What is average home shifting cost charged by packers and movers ?

Packers and Movers charges are based on size of the home you plan to shift as the bigger the size of the home more the home articles and bigger the size of the truck needed for transportation. Average cost for home shifting 2 bed room house should cost Rs.9000 to Rs.12000 for local house shifting.


Shifting and role of packers and movers

Office Shifting: Office moving needs a specialized skills and you can find more than 300 specialized moving companies who can offer best and trained professional for shifting. Our team member can offer computer packing, photocopier shifting or it equipments with care.

Local Shifting: Looking to shift small distance or within city, relax all our teams are qualified to offer local moving services. Our local shifting companies can provide you’re with packing, loading and transportation at a very affordable shifting cost. Local Packers and movers companies are experienced and specialized in providing within city moving with same day delivery.

How much do packers and movers charge ?

Packers and movers charges are based on your moving requirement i.e. local moving or long distance transport service; it also depends on size of the truck required and number of manpower needed to relocate. For local Shifting, packers and movers charges Rs.2000 to Rs.5000 for transportation, Rs.1000 to Rs.4000 for packing cost, Rs.2000-Rs.4000 for manpower for loading and unloading so total cost for moving 1bhk to 3 bhk could range from Rs.5000 to Rs.13000.00

What is the role of packers and movers ?

Packers and movers are firm or company run by skilled individual who assist customer for home article transport from one location to another location for within city or outside city service. Some packers and movers also support worldwide relocation known as International Packers and movers.

Will Packers and Movers remove AC ?

Yes, very few packers and movers are skilled and offer technical support for AC removal and moving.

Do Packers and Movers Pack everything ?

Yes, Packers and movers will carry all essential tools and required packaging material to safely and securely pack all your articles for transportation. They not only help in your packing but also offer transportation and rearranging of home articles at your new destination.

How do packers and movers work ?

On confirmation packer’s mover’s team would come to your location on scheduled time and start packing and labeling all articles and place them in the box. Once all the assets are packed then it is loaded onto the truck for transportation to the new destination. On arrival at new location they will also unload the asset from the truck and also help in unpacking and rearranging on items at agree freight charges is what packers and movers do.

Do packers also dismantle bed parts ?

Yes, all packers will dismantle your bed parts before packing them as it is very convenient to handle them during loading and unloading and this process also save the space in the truck and save costs to the customer for transportation.

How early should one book a packer and Mover Company ?

It is best advised to book a removals company once you are ready with your plan and fixed on the shifting date. Weekends or month ends are rush time so you should book ASAP, Ideally for local moving you should book 15 days prior. And when considering moving during summers ( April to July) there is even more demand then it is best to Book Company 30 days prior to shifting.

How much worth is to hire movers ?

Many consider movers to be expensive, well its not true, it is definitely worth your time and effort. If you consider doing all by yourself it may cost you more than you imagine. So, do not hesitate to take a quote from moving company and avoid all the hassle of DIY.

What will Movers Not pack ?

Movers will never pack list of items

  • Live plants
  • Explosive
  • Inflammable goods like crackers and kerosene
  • LPG Cylinder
  • Pets
  • Perishable food items
  • Valuables like Cash and jewelry

Will packers transport Fish Tank?

Yes, most moving companies will help you transport fish tank, though every care is taken to transport it but comes with no assurance for damages.

Do packers and movers pack cloths ?

Yes, packers and movers will bring clean carton boxes and pack all your cloths in to the box for moving. Most moving companies have full house moving and it includes packing of all your clothes also.

Can I hire loaders or labor for loading and unloading service ?

Yes, most of the shifting companies will also assist you with manpower services, they charge Rs.700 to Rs.1000 per labor for truck loading and unloading service. For Example if you consider to load 2 bed room house stuff from 2 nd floor you may need 4 manpower and they would charges Rs.3500 to Rs,4000 for the loading or Unloading job.

Do you need to empty closet before moving ?

It is always best advised to segregate all you belonging before the arrival of movers, this will not only keep it simple and clean and also brings more clarity and saves time on the moving day. All this should be about 2 week before the moving date.

Do movers unmount Tv ?

Yes, all moving companies will support unmounting a television. But, it always best advised to hire a professional technician for the job that would be more professional and understand the proper procedure to get it right way.

How can we find trusted packers and movers ?

It’s really hard to find a verified and trusted packers and movers company for shifting, that is where our portal helps you, we have listed best and professional moving companies with best credentials making your search easier and more authentic. Our team of professionals has listed best relocation companies to bring you the best solution when the moving need arises.

How much 2 men and truck cost ?

Two men and truck are ideal for small moving and highly preferred by working single professionals who have only few items for moving like single cot with few bags that may require 5 carton boxes and a mini truck for shifting. Generally 2 men and truck might cost Rs.3000-Rs.4000 for moving up to 10 kilometer radius.

Do movers disassemble beds or cots ?

Yes, all moving company will bring necessary tools and equipments required to dissemble beds or cots without any hassle and would also reassemble at the delivery destination. They would also pack your cots before transporting them.

When should I pay movers before or after the completion of work ?

Payment for moving services are also paid before the completion of assigned job, in local shifting you movers are required to be paid only upon completion of work and for long distance moving you are required to pay in full after the loading of the truck at the pickup point. However you can negotiate payment terms before finalizing the contract with the moving firm.

Does mover steal your Stuff during relocation ?

According to JEETHENDRA KUMAR SHARMA of Sharma Packers and Movers he has never seen any movers stealing your stuff during shipping. However he also advises to be wise and careful during packing and check inventory list before allowing moving agencies to load the goods on to the truck.

What happens when shipper loses your stuff ?

Losing your stuffs during transportation is very rare but never rule out the possibility. It is always advised to check the packaging list during unloading and get things listed out in the process. If you have lost anything in the process of moving please raise a written complaint with the moving agency and also mark the item in the acknowledgement copy. You are also advise to check insurance cover note for claim.

Will moving companies hold household items for few days ?

Yes, there are good moving companies that offer household storage facility in the event of non availability of home at destination. They may charge Rs.100 to Rs.150 per day basis only for storage. But, it also depends on volume that you plan to hold and duration of storage period. Please always inform your moving company before the moving about your possibility for storage space requirement.

Where do I lodge complaint against Packers and movers ?

You can always place a written complaint to packers and Movers Company and then make an FIR against the moving firm at your nearest police station. But, now you can also complain at consumer court for grievances. Please remember to carry all the relevant documents and produce at the courts for taking up your issue.

Can you cancel the moving Job ?

Yes, you are free to cancel or postpone your moving 24 hours prior to your shifting. However last minute moving cancellation is possible but you have to Fargo your deposit made for confirmation only on valid reason.

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