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Cost of hiring a packers and movers Charges in India?

Saving Money on Hiring packers and movers Charges in India?

Cost of hiring a packers and movers services in your relocation always disrupts your financial planning and budget. Not necessarily you always end making a hole in your pocket with little planning you can save and reduces burden and Hassel of Moving.

Let’s first understand the cost areas of Packers and movers Business

  1. Quantum of Moving Items.
  2. Distance of Moving.
  3. Number of Manpower Requirement.
  4. Packing Cost with Material.
  5. Insurance.
  6. Taxes.

We Usually Assume that all Packers and movers have standard Structure and no matter which moving company you hire you’ll get the same rate. But that’s not true…

But following a Few Steps you can save about 10%- 30% on your cost of relocation

  1. Planning in Advance- Generally 20 Days Should be a idle Time Frame

When the need of moving arise we call at the last moment, Please avoid urgency call. You can choose best moving company at the best price. Please take 03-04 Quotes, taking more quotes leads to more confusion and delays decision making process.

  1. Segregate the items – Less load the better

It is always wise to discard the items prior the moving company arrival for quote. Less the item less you invest of packing cost and help you save of Transportation as well. Be very sure what your wish to Move.

  1. Schedule your move on weekdays

If you can schedule your moving date on weekdays i.e Monday – Friday will save you some cost as most of the moving companies are less occupied and offer better deals.  All other cost remaining same they offer better deals to cut their own cost and you save money and no rush during packing process.

  1. Be Flexible on Delivery

If you have no urgency of Items at destination always prefer to make your move on consolidate moving i.e Shared Truck, be wise on your choice of moving company. These help you to save on Transportation charges on your Household Goods.

  1. Insurance- Is Optional

Add on services such as Insurance can also add to your cost of moving. Please opt Insurance wisely. But Recommended.

Following this simple steps always ensure you keep your cost low and spend wisely.

Never Choose a Low Quote, that could be a Trap

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