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Understanding the Moving Process

Understanding the Moving Process


It is no fun when you are looking to transport household belongings from one location to another when you are required to organize Packing, Loading and Transport vehicle for shipping things. This is whole lot of activities required to make the moving and easy affair. Moving process can be easy and effortless with the help of movers and packers for home moving as they are fully prepared and equipped to do your shifting less cumbersome.

Step by step guide to understand moving process once you fix moving agency for the job.

  1. Scheduling pick up time

Once you have fixed on your choice of moving company for shifting your home items, it is for customer to inform and schedule a pick up date and time for packing household items. So that moving company is fully prepared and can arrive for packing on time. Please always keep your moving company informed about your plan of action and if by any reason you have changed your moving date please call and inform packers and movers about the same to avoid penalty.

  1. Arrival of Packing team

On the moving day the packing team would come with a little van and packaging materials for securely packing all your household items. Please ensure packing team is wearing face mask and hand gloves during pandemic times and to avoid spread of virus or any other infection. Always thermal check the moving team as a precautionary measure to avoid infection. Packing team should be allowed to pack all household items and ensure there is free moving space before the arrival.

  1. Packing Start

Once team passes through the thermal test, show them what needs to be packed and what should unpacked, as packing team starts packing everything unless told prior to packaging. Packing team generally works in pair (02 Member team) and occupy your house in 02 teams to complete the packing task within the time frame. Generally packing team requires about 4 Hours to pack a complete 02 bed room house for cross country moving.

  1. Truck Arrival

Once the packing team is half way they would inform their office to organize the truck and send the same to the pickup location where the packing team is engaged. The transport department at office would quickly arrange or hire a truck and makes coordination to ensure the truck is available at pick up point prior to completion of packing. Within few hours the truck reaches the pickup location and packing supervisor parks the vehicle where is to be loaded.

  1. Loading the vehicle

On the completion of packing, the supervisor would mark or label all the packed household items and prepare the inventory list. Once all the items and labeled and packed he will soon direct loading team to start the loading process and carefully check items that are moved into the truck without missing any of the listed items.

  1. Last Check at Home

Customer and packing supervisor will check room by room whether any of the items are missed or not and customers would be asked to sign the documents and one copy is handed over to the customer after the loading the truck.

  1. Transport Begins

Once the truck is loaded with the household items the driver is shared the coordinates for destination delivery. Before the release of vehicle packing supervisor would also ensure all the items are properly lashed to the body of the vehicle and also seal the back door so that no body can access the materials other the Customer.

  1. Truck arrival at destination

Once the truck arrives at the new location the packing supervisor in the presences of customers opens the back door of the truck and start the unloading process with the help of unloading team.

  1. Unloading Start

Packing supervisor with the customers start to unload the items and check the inventory list for item wise unloading so that nothing is missed during the unloading in to the transport vehicle.


This is the common moving process for cross country moving making thing as simple as possible for the customers.


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