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Being ready is half victory on your Moving Day

Being ready is half victory on your Moving Day


Moving day is a never a pleasant experience and can shower you with lot of surprises if you are not planned and prepared for shifting. We understand no preparations is enough but definitely if you are prepared in advance you are better equipped and can minimize the stress of moving and also ensure your household are safely transported to your new location from the old location.

It is always wise to ensure you start your preparation for moving a month prior and our step by step weekly guide will always help you make your moving a smooth and hassle free.


Weekly Step wise planning for better moving experience

Week- 1

This is the first step you take to start your moving. On the first week you plan on Segregation, Change of Address intimation to all the agencies and Book your travel tickets.


De cluttering is the easy as said; it takes lot of preparation and also time consuming process, you have to make the list of household items on priority moving and non essential list of home items. Please make room by room list for better asset management to avoid confusion. Make sure you list articles on two separate lists of paper and include them as per your requirement. For Example you have extra Couch which has not been used for Long time and you are not planning to take it along to your new house then it is wise to list couch into the Non essential category list as it will bring more clarity to your moving things which you plan to Move along with you. Once you have your list ready double check it and prepare the complete and final list for moving.

Change of Address:

Often many people keep this for the last minute, never do it as the days passes you have many more things coming up for shifting and you would not be able to do it a later stage. So, please send the change of Address intimation to

  1. Postal Department
  2. Gas Agency
  3. Insurance Company
  4. School or College for your Kids
  5. News Paper Agency
  6. Magazine Subscription
  7. Credit Card Agency
  8. Bank Loan Department

Book your Travel Tickets:

Often many people book their travel tickets in the last minute and often spend extra money as a penalty for last minute flight ticket booking. Prior travel tickets booking not only help you get your choice of travel time but also help you save on money.

If you are planning to travel by Car as your own conveyance then get you car

  1. Battery Check up
  2. Tyre Air check
  3. Oil check up
  4. Brake Oil Check
  5. Engine Conditioning

This will help you travel safe and ensure you reach along with the truck at your new destination.






Having your list ready you are now better informed about what you need to take along with you and can communicate with the moving agencies. But the most important thing for you to do this week is search for a moving company for transporting your home items.

  1. Search Packers and Movers

Looking for a good reliable moving agency is again a time consuming task, you should start collecting the names of packers and movers from colleagues, friends, relatives and even search internet for some good packers company for securing your transport need and prepare the list of moving agencies.

  1. Call Moving Agency

Once you have your list of packers movers with you now you can start calling them and ask them about the details on

  1. What is Method of packing?
  2. How they would transport household items?
  3. Time taken for transportation?
  4. Cost Involved for the entire shifting?
  5. How payment is accepted by the moving agency?

These questions will further allow you to filter the names and get you a desired packers and movers for your home shifting.

  1. Check online reviews

Once you have your list of selected packers and movers agency, please check online reviews about the company and select the company with good and positive reviews, as reading these reviews will help you understand the company’s reputation and their professionalism in handling cargo and also keep brief knowledge on their punctuality in delivering the items.

  1. Visit Moving agency Office.

Once you have selected your choice of moving company, try visiting their office as a final step and understand the moving process for more clarity. Visiting packers and movers office will help you know about how the company functions and quality of packaging materials they use for protection.   

  1. Confirming Packers and Movers

Once you are confident with your choice of moving agency let them know about your moving plan and inform about the pickup date so they can book a date of your choice and make all necessary arrangement for transportation.




Now when you’re moving day is fast approaching it is the right time to get your list that you have prepared in the first week about the non essential list you have prepared; now it is the time you make same extra space before the arrival of moving team. So, the question is what to do with non essential items that you are not planning to transport. Well you always have choice about what to do with these items

  1. Sell

If you have the goods which have a value attached to it, you can consider making some money by selling those items, there are always people looking to buy old household items and also post it on Olx or Quikr can be a wise idea to sell it. People have always taken the advantage and are able to sell items very quickly.

  1. Donate

Many goods may not be highly priced nor do not gives return you can earn some good Karma by donating cloths, Books and Magazine to the orphanage or any other institutions you desire to. By this way you not only reduce the volume size for transportation also can save on packaging cost as well.

  1. Scrap

Certain things need to be scraped as you may not be able to find a buyer, it is best to dispose for free and scrap the items as it will only slow the moving process on the shifting day.


Week -4

This the week you have all been waiting for to transport your items to the new location. It is the best time to give a reminder call to your moving company and best to reconfirm the packers and movers agency availability and check the time of team arrival.

This listed tips on moving preparation will surely help you manage you shifting and get everything organized before the arrival of moving company and your victory is assured for final moving,


Ivan Zaytsev
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