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The Complete Guide to Full-Service Moving

The Complete Guide to Full-Service Moving


With the growing population the human aspirations have also grown and everybody in order to fulfill his or her dreams are also willing to travel to new places or even new country. And in order to make this transition and help people fulfill their dreams Moving companies play a major role. Moving companies are specializing in packing and moving home items and help in easy and fastest transport solution, So that they can join the mainstream as soon as possible.


In 1980 when there were very few moving companies in India, people found it very difficult to shift their household items or office furniture to new locations. They were required to source packaging materials from waste scrap dealers to get moving carton boxes as there was shortage of boxes in those days so they were forced to use of bed sheet for moving cloths and other home goods, Furniture were left to mercy of untrained labor who had no experience in handling fragile items and people had to come to terms that damage during home shifting is unavoidable.


But, now in 2020 things have changed Moving companies are have made a transformation in all field of services. Now packers and movers offer full moving services for door to door transportation. Full moving services includes

  1. Packing Services:

Moving companies come prepared with  all the essential tools and equipments for dismantling furniture’s and Air conditioners and also bring along loads of packaging materials for safely packing furniture and electronic items for transportation and minimizing the risk of material getting damaged in transit. So for very reason why professional moving companies organizes training session for its packing team and work on upgrading skills and knowledge about the new techniques and kind of packaging materials and their proper usage in recent times.  This keeps packing team updated with latest packaging trends and makes shifting pleasant experience.

  1. Loading and Unloading:

Every moving company have to work on upgrading handling skills for the labors, once the household items are packed they are required to be loaded on to the truck for transportation to the new destination. Here loading labors skills plays a vital role, they should know how to load and place the heavy furniture in to the truck for safe arrival at destination and also require to properly lashing the materials to avoid the damages in transportation. Once the truck arrives at the destination the Unloading labors safely unload the items and place them in to the customer’s new home.

  1. Transportation:

Moving companies primary responsibility is to ensure household goods are safely delivered at new destination. So, moving companies are required to organize the proper size of container truck with loading ramp for easy and effortless loading and unloading. Truck Size should be able to accommodate all the household items in a single go to avoid the time loss to the customers. Before renting a truck to the customers moving companies should always check the vehicle documents are proper and should not cause any stress to the customers, company should always check

  • Drivers License
  • Air Pressure
  • Engine Service
  • Road Permits
  • Vehicle Insurance

Moving companies should load the truck only if vehicle full fill all the cretireria for safe transportation.

  1. Paper Work:

Once the truck is loaded for delivery to the customer’s new destination, moving companies should be ready to provide the documents as a proof and t gain customers confidence. Paper work requires being complete and being careful as paper work in moving business is a binding contract so it becomes very important for the site supervisor to pay full attention during labeling the home items after they have been packed. Their basic 04 Paper Work that needs to prepared after packing and loading

  1. LR Copy- Lorry Receipt or Consignment Copy
  2. Inventory List or Packaging List
  3. Moving Companies Invoice or Bill
  4. Moving Companies Cash Receipt
  1. Arranging Transit Insurance:

With the risk of uncertainty it is also possible that Household goods are damaged during transportation and customer can incur a financial loss in the event of damage and would loss his life time earnings. But now customer can always request his moving company to arrange transit insurance and offer a full security cover. The transit Insurance policy covers the risk of transportation and insurance company will cover the loss in the event of damages due to Act of God like Road Accident, Fire, Lightning and Earth Quake.

  1. Unpacking and Rearranging:

Once the truck arrives at the destination the professional team would unpack and rearrange all the home items in to their respective places as per the directive of customers. At this process the team will also make sure all the items are arrived and nothing is missed or lost in the transportation process.

  1. Waste disposal:

Once things are unpacked there is plenty of wastage of packaging materials in the home, so moving companies are also required to collect and dispose of the used packaging materials or take empty carton boxes to their warehouses.

So, moving companies role summary is to ensure all the household items are delivered safely without any damages from one location to another location for agreed moving charges.


Ivan Zaytsev
You can hire movers for moving your houses as well as offices and other things from one place to another without causing any damage to the items and other things.
Ivan Zaytsev
You can hire movers for moving your houses as well as offices and other things from one place to another without causing any damage to the items and other things.

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